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Pierre Lévy

prof. dr. - HDR
Full-time Professor (PRCM) at National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, France
Holder of the Chair of design Jean Prouvé
Responsible for the Master Design
Editorial Advisory Board member of the JHTR
Resonsible for the topic Arts, Design and Society at the Doctoral School Abbé Grégoire (ED 546)
Researcher at Dicen-IDF laboratory (EA 7339)
Member of the EPN16 - Innovation group
Vice-president Education at HESAM Université, France

Researching My main focus is the creation of a Japanese philosophy-inspired design framework to think further the relation between design and appropriation, contributing to Transforming Practices. I am also co-organising the seminar Mediums in design with Annie Gentès, CY École de design. ⌈publications · events

Teaching My current courses focus on design research, reflective practices, and digital skills for professional transition. I am also responsible for the Master in design in residence at Mobilier national. ⌈courses

Some other things I am contributing to the creation of the TransFabriC at CNAM. I recently presented the project of the chair during my inaugural lecture. I am the coordinator of the international association of the societies of kansei research (KEER). Othrewise… ⌈projects · everything here · other places worth checking

Pierre Lévy is a professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, holder of the Chair of design Jean Prouvé, vice-president Education at HESAM University, and member of the Dicen-IDF laboratory (EA 7339). He holds an engineering degree in mechanical engineering (UT Compiègne, France), a Ph.D in kansei (affective) science (University of Tsukuba, Japan) and an HDR in information and communication sciences (UT Compiègne, France). He has lived for nearly 10 years in Japan (where he worked in industry and then in several Japanese universities) and 12 years in the Netherlands (at the Eindhoven University of Technology).

His work focuses on the relationship between the creative moments that are the design practice and the appropriation in everyday practices. This work is based on theories related to embodiment, reflexive practices, and Japanese philosophy and thinking. Through this research, Pierre Lévy discusses the posture and societal role of design, and more generally of reflexive practices, in the service of transforming everyday life.

Pierre Lévy