Including Interdisciplinary to Industrial Design

Month: August 2003



The product is a complex element. In addition to its material, formal and functional dimensions, products are based on many other dimensions, which are of a sensory, emotional, cultural, historic (and so on) nature. Product design unceasingly tries to design products by taking into account of their complexity and thus of a maximum of these dimensions. An enlargement designer’s work necessarily goes through interdisciplinary. That is all the more significant since interdisciplinary design leads the way for sustainable design, which will enable the design to progress again, and will also enable the designer to be finally able to respect its social responsibilities which he or she bears as a creator of industrial products. This paper intends to present how the education of designers can influence efficiently the profession to integrate interdisciplinary into the industrial design process. Lastly, we present the research in progress at the Department of Industrial Design of Compiègne University of Technology, developing an assistance tool for interdisciplinary pedagogy in the education of industrial design. This tool not only aims at accompanying the student in his or her interdisciplinary pedagogic projects, but also the teaching team to set up interdisciplinary pedagogic teams.