A tool for annotating GIS

Tjeu van Bussel


Javed Khan


Utrecht University

Geographers use applications called GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to display spatial information. GIS are used to analyze geographic data and find patterns. In order to choose the right GIS for a task, it would be useful to filter them according to their attributes.

The goal of this project is to develop a tool that allows GIS to be annotated according to their attributes. The ìwhyî for this is explained in the video. Gerry the chatbot is a prototype to execute this task. Gerry does this by presenting the user with a screenshot of a GIS, and asking multiple-choice questions about it.

Using a chatbot has some advantages. The chatbot does not require extensive studying of an instruction document before starting with the task. It also relieves the user of some cognitive load by posing clear questions that users can evaluate, instead of throwing the user in the deep without guidance.