Agora – Speculative design towards an artificial intelligence inclusive future

Teun van Acker


Pierre Lévy


Wageningen University & Research

The Netherlands is facing major future challenges: the rising sea level, creating a circular economy… But what will be the role of technology in this future? What happens if we live in an AI-inclusive society? Who has the power and who is in charge of decision-making? In my FBP I researched how artificial intelligence (AI) could ‘desirably’ intervene into two of our fundaments of society, democracy and individual freedom, through speculative design. Based on trend spotting, future thinking, and probing emerging technologies, I’ve created the concept of AGORA: a community-based AI platform that allows discussion and decision-making based on personal data. By probing this concept as an experience in the context of 2120, I reflected with a team of experts if this future is desirable. As a result, a strategic document has been set up for future implications in product development and policymaking to achieve a desirable future with AI.