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|3 Sep 2019

Design 3.0 Forum

Abstract Design 3.0 Forum aims to raise and discuss the challenging issues in design research, education and practice in this newly emerging paradigm we now face with new forms of end-user products such as intelligent products and services, DIY/fabrication tools, and IoTs. These new forms of products and services change the ways people interact with them and shape their everyday lives.


Introduction by Dr. Ki-Young Nam, KAIST

Congratulatory Remark by Prof. Kun-pyo Lee

Professor Rachel Cooper, Lancaster University
| Context-setting for the theme: Design for Public Sector and Social Innovation

Professor Martyn Evans, MMU
| Design for policy

Dr. Edward Hyunwook Hwangbo, PDR
| Design for policy

Dr. Pierre Levy, TU Einthoven
| Interaction design for society

Professor John Vines, Northumbria University
| Digital civics