dr. Pierre Lévy, HDR

Pierre Lévy

I am an assistant professor on Enchanting the everyday at the Department of Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). I am co-founder and former president of the European Kansei Group (EKG), and a member of the Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research (KEER) Steering Committee. I have a Mechanical Engineering master degree (UT Compiègne, France), a doctoral degree in Kansei (affective) Science (University of Tsukuba, Japan), and a HDR in Information and Communication Sciences (UT Compiègne, France). I am interested in the relation between theory and practice in transformative practices and sciences. My research mainly focuses on embodiment theories and Japanese philosophy in relation to values and beauty in the everyday.

助教 | アイントホーフェン工科大学 (TU/e)、 オランダ
工業デザイン学部・DQI研究所(2009~2017)・Systemic Change研究所(2018~)

Transforming Practices (TP) educational project group leader
Founder and responsible for the DataLab of TU/e.ID

Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research (KEER) Steering Board Coordinator


2018 - 情報通信科学の研究指導資格 (HDR - フランスにおける博士論文指導資格) | フランス・コンピエニュ工科大学大学院
Le temps de l’expérience, enchanter le quotidien par le design

2006 - 感性科学博士 | 筑波大学人間総合研究科
感性情報アプローチによるサイバースペースのための学際的デザイン・方法論とコミュニケーションツールのデザイン [Interdisciplinary design for the cyberspace by an approach in kansei information, Methodology and Workgroup Communication Tool Design Approach in Kansei]
Award of the best dissertation (highest distinction delivered by the doctoral school)

2001 - 機械工学修士 | フランス・コンピエニュ工科大学


Since 2009 | アイントホーフェン工科大学 (TU/e)、 オランダ
工業デザイン学部・DQI研究所(2009~2017)・Systemic Change研究所(2018~)

2008 - 2009 | 千葉大学工学部、 日本
「Service Product Design」修士課程における教育活動

2006 - 2008 | 筑波大学、 日本

2000 - 2002 | デカトロンジャポン(Decathlon Japon, became Oxylane)、 日本・フランス

1999 - 2000 | エリダニア・ベガン・セイ(Éridania Béghin-Say, became Thereos)、 フランス


Co-founder and President of the European Kansei Group (EKG) (2016 -2018) Editorial Board member of the International Journal of Affective Engineering (IJAE) (Since 2006) Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research (KEER) Steering Board Coordinator (Since 2014) Co-organiser of KEER 2010 (2009 -2010) Co-organiser and Chair of the Scientific Committee of KEER2014 (2012 -2014)


Eindhoven University of Technology
Department of Industrial Design
Atlas Bldg, 7.130
5612AJ Eindhoven