Kansei-Physiological Measurements and Constructivist, Psychological Explorations for Approaching User’s Subjective Experience during and after the Product Use

Yamanaka, T., Tomico, O., Mizutani, N., Yokoi, T., Cho, Y., & Lévy, P. (2008). Kansei-Physiological Measurements and Constructivist – Psychological Explorations for Approaching User's Subjective Experience during and after the Product Use. the Proceedings of International Symposium on Emotion and Sensitivity 2008 - ISES08 ([on CD]). Daejeon, Korea.


The aim of this paper is to present the project undertaken by the authors to describe Kansei and to structure Kansei design studies. Indeed, the current fuzziness on Kansei research structure complicates the global comprehension of this field and seems to be a hindrance to Kansei design education and internationalization. To improve both of these aspects, this paper proposes a comprehensive description of Kansei and Kansei Studies, explains its specificity compared to “classic” research fields, and introduces a list of 131 Kansei Studies Keywords which will be used in further projects to structure Kansei sources of knowledge and improve Kansei knowledge development, Kansei research, and Kansei education.