Raquel Kuperus


Caroline Hummels
Maarten Smith
Sander van der Zwan


Tom Djajadiningrat



Inspired by the goal of having a fully circular economy in the Netherlands by 2050, LoopNL is a proposal of a system that facilitates the collaboration and transparency of all stakeholders involved in the life cycle of manufactured products. A unique LoopNL-ID is engraved in each product like a fingerprint, linking it to its information profile, which is stored in the LoopNL database. Manufacturers are able to track the entire life cycle of a product, ensuring that their products and materials come back to them. Transparency about technical, mechanical, and chemical characteristics of the product, opens opportunities for local services to repair, refurbish and resell, and makes classification for recycling a more controllable process. To encourage the indispensable collaboration of the consumer, LoopNL includes the LoopNL app which helps engage consumers in the rewarding experience of keeping products in the loop, and contributing to the sustainability of the larger society.