Perspective matters

Timon Adriaanssen
Elke van Dael
Daan Rozinga
Malin Winter


Jun Hu


John Dagevos



People often look at data from a certain perspective, making data shift from purely objective to partly subjective, this level of subjectivity can also be increased when people visualize the data. This research is conducted in coöperation with Telos, a company that gathers and delivers data to municipalities based on the Sustainable Development Goals. In this study, qualitative research has been done where different perspectives have been made explicit, in order to see if the awareness on these perspectives could influence the discussion between policy makers. A research probe was designed to visualize indicators, as well as forcing extreme perspectives on the participants, these being the People, Planet, Profit perspectives. A thematic analysis of the results lead to the conclusion that restrictions in the discussion leads to creative thinking and the fact that the awareness on perspectives can be raised, although it is hard to empathize.