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|3 Sep 2014


Abstract Nobody ever said that defying gravity is easy!
a final bachelor project by Alex Jurtan


Alex Jurtan
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Nobody ever said that defying gravity is easy!

The aGravity is a device which lets one experience the challenge of levitation. The fingerboard allows one to float over a straight platform, while experiencing a constant evolving environment within. It creates unique interactions that makes one able to develop a new skill and improve over time. The aGravity aims to make more aware and sensitive to what is being perceived and how the slightest movement can influence the whole system.

To get the board hovering, requires focus, concentration and some skill. Though once it is learned to hover the board, it is up to the user how far he or she can go. Giving no precise guidelines, the only rule is to explore, interact and challenge yourself.

(Alex Jurtan)