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|1 Dec 2022

TransFabriC - Institute of Circular Transfabrication

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TransFabriC - Institute of Circular Transfabrication materializes the ambition of the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts to accompany the development of social and citizen practices for the emergence of a social, solidarity and circular economy (SSCE). The aim is to create an operating eco-system, training courses and a research program, together capable of bringing about the emergence of an ESSC that meets the historical missions of the CNAM.


Create places where material transformation practices can be shared (in companies, workshops, fablabs, labs, recycling centres, etc.)
Enable the transformation of materials
Unite ESSC participants by creating an interface between the higher education sector and the socio-economic world


Acculturating to practices related to l'ESSC, for all audiences
Training for the professions related to ESSC and to the transformation of matter
Training for the challenges of citizen recycling
Building a community of learners and contributors


Characterising the social and ecological dimensions of appropriation in everyday life
Contribute to the transforming practices related to the ESSC
Designing devices for the integration of civic creativity at ESSC