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|24 Sep 2008

Designing based on the evoked metaphor, Case study

Lévy, P., & Yamanaka, T. (2008). Designing based on the evoked metaphor - Case study. In D., Marjanovic, M., Storga, N., Pavkovic, & N., Bojcetic (Eds.), the Proceedings of 10th International Design Conference 2008 (pp 1095 – 1104). Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Abstract The research presented in this paper is part of the last target of Kansei research for design. Its aim is to build up a design method for interdisciplinary workgroup context. The bases of this method have been published in the past [Lévy 2006]. In this paper, this method and a more practical way to apply it will be introduced, before presenting a case study output from a course taught from April to November 2007 to Master students.