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|13 Sep 2012

Designing for perceptive qualities: 7 showcases

Deckers, E.J.L., & Lévy, P. (2012). Designing for perceptive qualities: 7 showcases. the Proceedings of Design Interactive Systems Conference, DIS12 (pp 496–505). Newcastle, UK: ACM. http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2317956.2318030

Abstract In this paper we describe seven showcases, namely ‘BeTouched’, ‘Dawe & Valle’, ‘Wonderturf’, ‘IN2WACO’, ‘Blow!’, ‘ShyLight’ and ‘PeR’, that give relevant insights on how to design for perceptive qualities in artifacts. Designing these perceptive qualities hypothetically enables a person to engage in a reciprocal perceptive interplay with the artifact: perceptual crossing between person and artifact can happen. This paper is part of an ongoing research in which we designed, built and evaluated several artifacts with perceptive qualities and in which we discovered a set of design notions. The theoretical model and the design notions involved in this research-project are introduced. The showcases illustrate and give value insights on the application of the theoretical model and the design notions.

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