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Enchanting the everyday

Studying the everyday life would be an absurd undertaking,and anyway fated to catch nothing of its object, if studying the everyday life would explicitlybe with the intention to transform it.
- Guy Debord (1961)

Philosophy-design correspondance

Transforming practices

Every experience enacted and undergone modifies the one who acts and undergoes, while this modification affects, whether we wish it or not, the quality of subsequent experiences. For it is a somewhat different person who enters into them.
- Dewey (2015:35)

Perceptive qualities

And thoses who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
- Friederich Nietsche (1885)

Japanese philosophy inspired design

Western art transforms the 'impression' into description. The haiku never describes; its art is counter­descriptive, to the degree that each state of the thing is immediately, stubbornly, victoriously converted into a fragile essence of appearance.
- Roland Barthes (2007)

Kansei studies, kansei design

A piece of waka makes your heart abate and kansei, which is a virtue of waka.
- Yoshida (1687)