Sander van der Zwan, Maarten Smith, Pierre Lévy
This approach in an integration of existing postphenomenological methodologies, methodologies from constructive design research (CDR) as well as reinterpretation of relevant philosophical framings in the light of theoretical objectives. The integration of these methodologies into one coherent whole and its application to specific case studies results in design-informed postphenomenology. A CDR approach enables the methodical construction of new design mediations in context which can put the current postphenomenological theory to the test and actively target theoretical shortcomings as well as uncover so far unidentified theoretical shortcomings in the process. This can be considered a dialectic between the theory and specific constructed realities / experiments via designing (Redström, 2017). This interplay is further informed/inspired by the reinterpretations of relevant philosophical framings for addressing the specific theoretical gap, as is often done in classical philosophy. These reinterpretations will be constituted through (re)readings of relevant philosophers and interviews with contemporary experts.