Pierre Lévy
The essential details are necessary elements of the design which reveal beauty in interaction, in order to reach an irresistible interaction. We question how we can design for irresistible interactions in an artefact in order to engage people in a beautiful experience with this artefact. Then we reflect on the impact of this detail in the bigger picture: how it affects our behaviours, our values, our relation with the world. In this approach, designers are asked to freeze their concept quickly (usually a few weeks), and then to focus on details by means of iterations on explorative prototype making. Design projects will focus on the quality and the making of the essential details; research projects will use a Research-through-Design approach to point out the impact of the essential detail on the user’s experience and values.
This approach is centered on the body and the experience. It proposes an original approach for decision making, not based on rational but on experience. It leads to the determination and to the appreciation of beauty in interaction.