Pierre Lévy
The everyday is in the fluidity of the present moment, in what is apparently insignificant and therefore hardly noticeable and memorable. It contains what has become known and habitual, by force of quotidianisation, and enables to live peacefully in a domesticated environment. Questioning it is therefore difficult. But the everyday is also a space of openness, when the anticipated does not happen as expected. The everyday integrates its own possibility of change through irregularities. The everyday ritual is a specific form of everyday experience because it gives everyday practices a space for attention and is formed with the aim of a conscious emotional appreciation of one’s experience and related values. The designer inquires the “texture” of such moment by the organisation of the space, the choice of objects, of gestures and practices… leading to the expression and the experience of related values.
It appears that design is hardly questioning the banal, the things of the everyday. Questioning everyday rituals helps to gain skill to deal with complexity in details, which creates richness in our everyday lives. It also helps to gain sensitivity on the importance of details and the beauty of the ordinary.
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