Experts: Javed Khan, Jun Hu, Caroline Hummels
Potential partners: PON-Telos, University of Utrecht (UU)
Data plays a large role in our currently society. What is the impact and what are the opportunities from a transformation perspective? We explore with different stakeholders the role of data in various ways: to increase the collaboration between government and citizens, as well as well as exploring the technical possibilities, e.g. by developing Massive Data Annotation tools for GIS.
1) Citizens have a growing say in nowadays governance, and local governance are looking for ways to communicate with citizens and include them in their processes. Combining statistic open data gathered by (local) governance with a lively debate with citizens using sensor data and citizen-generated data can boost this collaboration. We explore data-enabled debates between multiple stakeholders, by setting up new forms of embodied data sharing, debating and creating, combining data from different sources and people.
2) Next to this, we design and develop the “FoldIt” for GIS (i.e. the next generation Massive Data Annotation tool for for GIS). Annotated GIS data can enable AI systems which can improve people’s vitality, reduce traffic, assist architects, among numerous other applications of the built environment. Foldit applies the human’s three-dimensional pattern matching and spatial reasoning abilities to help solve the problem of protein structure prediction, in this case applied to GIS.