Experts: Pierre Lévy, Caroline Hummels, Sander van der Zwan, Maarten Smith
Potential partners: University of Twente, (UT) RISE
Design research is taking a new direction. Not just does design seek to find inspiration in philosophy and psychology, but our main aim is to develop a design-informed philosophy: a branch of philosophy (or a new interdisciplinary subfield) that takes the insights and methods from design research in answering questions about how humans meaningfully relate to their environment. This requires work on specific projects, a conceptual framework as well as work on this novel methodology for philosophy. For example, we try to explore and understand technology in becoming. Building on phenomenological foundations we are interested in understanding all nuances of technologies in becoming, instead of technologies in use at single points in time. This includes both technology-in-the-making (the process of constituting a new technology) and technology-in-appropriation (the process in which users make an existing technology “fit” their own lives). By designing new propositions, we can explore this and other theoretical concepts.