Experts: Caroline Hummels, Pierre Lévy, Conny Ouwerkerk
Potenital partners: Provence of NB, TU/e Boost, Comenius
What is learning in the future and which educational approach, related pedagogy, methods, environment and tools, do we prefer to educate people, including educating them to design new transformative practices? This means that we have to look at various parameters, including the people that are learning (multi-stakeholder team from different backgrounds, educational levels, phase of learning and professional experience), the scope of the challenge (starting from societal challenges working at a meso level), the place of learning and teaching (in society in a relevant context or at school?), the supporting technology (e.g., knowledge management tools, and reflection tools and data visualisation), and the palette of required competencies (e.g. designing, collaborating, communicating, system thinking and long-term innovating). Within the squad we run various research projects focused on education, including being an experimental environment of the TU/e Boost! project where we develop our own learning environment for the future.