Expert: Caroline Hummels, Laura Nino
Potential partner: Philips Design, Design Academy, Frank Kolkman
Non-native pregnant women in the Netherlands face a comparatively high rate of perinatal and maternal mortality in comparison with other European countries. This case study investigates the complexity of the entire socio-technological mediation system in order to attempt to decrease the mortality rate of these specific women, but also of health ethos and wellbeing in general. We focus on increasing health ethos as well as participatory sensemaking and joint responsibility. The elements we focus on, including e.g. 1) communication means such as intake forms and websites that struggle to deal with language barriers and low levels of social integration, 2) non-aligned technological, organisation and financial systems for primary care midwives and secondary care obstetricians, stimulating hampered communication and cultural divides, 3) the complexity of the dozens of involved stakeholders, and 4) the theoretical and practical implications of health ethos.Next to this specific focus, we also explore the future the healthcare in general on the long run, in collaboration with the Design Academy and Frank Kolkman, which focuses more on future scenarios.