Experts: Jun Hu, Javed Khan, Cindy van den Bremen, Caroline Hummels, Pierre Lévy
Potential partners: ZET, City of Eindhoven, ZET, RISE
The programme ‘Smart Society’ of the city of Eindhoven, is all about quality of life in the city. As a local government, Eindhoven needs to ensure that use of technology and data in public space is visible, transparent, open, secure and respects privacy of individuals and communities. The processes and the results of data collection in public space should be easy to understand and to make use of for everybody: citizens, entrepreneurs, companies, academic and governmental organisations. We see this shift not only in Eindhoven, but also in other cities like Umeå in Sweden. What kind of possibilities can new technology like IoT and sensors bring to the different stakeholders? How can the city engage with inhabitants and entrepreneurs to make them aware of sensors in public space and let them to use the best of it? And how can citizens and entrepreneurs contribute to the community and the city? What can design offer in the transformation of the city?