Pierre Lévy
This approach invites to work considering as a starting point the first‐person point‐of‐view (inside). The design first questions and challenges her/his own life, exploring through a cycle of actions and reflections the challenged values. This may concern personal everyday rituals (such as making tea home) or more societal issues (such as health at work, or time management). This inside step deals with details, intimacy, lived reality. The outcome of this exploration, that is a key value for transformation to be addressed through design, will then be challenged at the third‐person point‐of‐view (out) to operate a transformative design. The main challenge of this approach is the shift from the 1st person perspective to the 3rd one, which is to be done through a discursive approach.
This approach shows the implication of the designer as a person (with her/his experience and values) in the design process, and the values of involving the first-person perspective in the process.
Levy, P. D. (2018). The beauty of making hot chocolate: An inquiry on designing for everyday rituals. In Proceedings of the DRS 2018: Catalyst (Vol. 5., pp. 339-348). London, UK: Design Research Society.