Pierre Lévy
Perceiving the invisible aims to look at invisible processes structuring our everyday life, and questioning their impact on our behaviours, by making them visible. Think about wireless waves (wifi, Bluetooth, 4G…), about the quantity of energy it takes for a google request to be answered, about water flows in the city, about maintenance systems in place to keep the university clean, about what is being done with taxes…
This approach helps you to understand through designing the importance of transparency or opacity of information in the society: What are the positive and negative impact of showing vs. hiding some information? What are the values beneath design movements such are seamless interaction? Making information invisible is a design decision, discussing the ethical consequences is the objective of this approach.
Levy, P. D. (2018). Le temps de l’expérience: enchanter le quotidien par le design. (Mémoire d’Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Compiègne, France).