Caroline Hummels, Pierre Lévy
A transformative practice is a configuration of humans and technologies aiming to address societal challenges, by changing their ways of living and working, through designing new socio-technological mediations that change their presence in and experience of the world. To support these practices, we have developed the transformative practices framework to support designing these mediations and the change of people. The framework is centred around societal challenges that are addressed by merging three basic elements: people (I & other becoming change), process (the design & research processes to create mediations stimulating change) and mediations (the socio-technological designs that enable people to change). By switching lenses when operating within this framework, the team can design mediations that change people’s experience of the world and support them to transform.
This framework aims at helping multi-stakeholder teams to research, design and innovate transformative practices to tackle societal challenges, which are inherently wicked and systemic. It forms the bases of this squad and your project to support you during your design and learning process.
Hummels, C. C. M., Trotto, A., Peeters, J. P. A., Levy, P., Alves Lino, J., & Klooster, S. (2019). Design research and innovation framework for transformative practices. In Strategy for change (pp. 52-76). Glasgow: Glasgow Caledonian University.