What’s going ön?

Sam van der Horst


Pierre Lévy


Jeroen Peeters


Umeå Kommun

This research uses Virtual Reality to explore perspective taking on the urban development of the ÷n island in Umeå, Sweden. The research tries to answer the following question: How can we use VR to explore perspective taking for participation in urban planning? Through the design of What’s going ön?, a VR experience that is virtually situated in the to be developed area, this question is explored. It shows the user multiple perspectives through animation and virtual interaction. Creating an interplay between first and third person perspectives.

VR could play a significant role in sharing perspectives and opening up new ones. Perspective taking in VR has been used as a tool to study empathy in social situations. This research combines this opportunity with the theory of embodiment. The design aims to translate the physical values of embodiment into the virtual world and through this open up new perspectives on urban development.